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 The arrow widget
    The arrow widget is derived from the misc widget ( GtkMisc)
 and is intended for use where a directional arrow (in one of the four
 cardinal directions) is desired. As such, it has very limited
 functionality and basically only draws itself in a particular direction
 and with a particular shadow type. The arrow widget will expand to fill
 all the space it is allocated.
  - User Option: arrow_type
      The ARROW_TYPE option specifies which direction the arrow will
      point. It can be one of `GTK_ARROW_UP', `GTK_ARROW_DOWN',
      `GTK_ARROW_LEFT' or `GTK_ARROW_RIGHT'. This will set the arrow
      pointing in the direction specified.
  - User Option: shadow_type
      The SHADOW_TYPE option specifies how to draw the shadow for the
      arrow. Currently, only the `GTK_SHADOW_IN' and `GTK_SHADOW_OUT'
      shadow types are supported for drawing arrows. Other shadow types
      will cause nothing to be drawn.
  - Function: guint gtk_arrow_get_type (void)
      Returns the `GtkArrow' type identifier.
  - Function: GtkWidget* gtk_arrow_new (GtkArrowType ARROW_TYPE,
           GtkShadowType SHADOW_TYPE)
      Create a new `GtkArrow' object and initialize it with the values
      ARROW_TYPE and SHADOW_TYPE. The new widget is returned as a
      pointer to a `GtkWidget' object. `NULL' is returned on failure.
  - Function: void gtk_arrow_set (GtkArrow *ARROW, GtkArrowType
           ARROW_TYPE, GtkShadowType SHADOW_TYPE)
      Set the ARROW_TYPE and SHADOW_TYPE options of an arrow widget. It
      is important to not set the fields of the `GtkArrow' structure
      directly (or, for that matter, any type derived from `GtkObject').
  - Function: GtkArrow* GTK_ARROW (gpointer OBJ)
      Cast a generic pointer to `GtkArrow*'.  Standard Macros, for
      more info.
  - Function: GtkArrowClass* GTK_ARROW_CLASS (gpointer CLASS)
      Cast a generic pointer to `GtkArrowClass*'.  Standard
      Macros, for more info.
  - Function: gint GTK_IS_ARROW (gpointer OBJ)
      Determine if a generic pointer refers to a `GtkArrow' object.
       Standard Macros, for more info.
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