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 Widget Overview
    Widgets are the general term used to describe user interface
 objects. A widget defines a class interface that all user interface
 objects conform to. This interface allows a uniform method for dealing
 with operations common to all objects such as hiding and showing, size
 requisition and allocation and events.
    The common interface that widgets must adhere to is described by the
 GtkWidget and GtkWidgetClass structure. For the purposes of using GTK
 these structures can be considered read-only and, for the most part,
    All widget creation routines in GTK return pointers to GtkWidget
 structures. In reality, all widget creation routines create structures
 that can be viewed as equivalent to the GtkWidget structure, but often
 have contain additional information.  Object Implementation.
    The widgets available for use are implemented in a hierarchy. Several
 widgets exist solely as common bases for more specific widgets. For
 example, it is not possible to create a ruler widget itself, but the
 ruler widget provides a base and functionality common to the horizontal
 and vertical rulers.
    The available widgets (in alphabetical order):


* GtkAlignment                The alignment widget.
* GtkArrow                    The arrow widget.
* GtkAspectFrame              The aspect frame widget.
* GtkBin                      The bin widget.
* GtkBox                      The box widget.
* GtkButtonBox                The button box widget.
* GtkButton                   The button widget.
* GtkCheckButton              The check button widget.
* GtkCheckMenuItem            The check menu item widget.
* GtkCList                    The compound list widget.
* GtkColorSelection           The color selector widget.
* GtkCombo                    The combo box widget.
* GtkContainer                The container widget.
* GtkCTree                    The multi-column tree widget.
* GtkCurve                    The curve widget.
* GtkGammaCurve               The gamma curve widget.
* GtkDialog                   The dialog widget.
* GtkDrawingArea              The drawing area widget.
* GtkEntry                    The entry widget.
* GtkEventBox                 The event box widget.
* GtkFileSelection            The file selection dialog widget.
* GtkFixed                    The fixed widget.
* GtkFrame                    The frame widget.
* GtkGamma                    The gamma widget.
* GtkHBox                     The horizontal box widget.
* GtkHButtonBox               The horizontal button box widget.
* GtkHPaned                   The horizontal paned widget.
* GtkHRuler                   The horizontal ruler widget.
* GtkHScale                   The horizontal scale widget.
* GtkHScrollbar               The horizontal scrollbar widget.
* GtkHSeparator               The horizontal separator widget.
* GtkImage                    The image widget.
* GtkInputDialog              The input dialog widget.
* GtkItem                     The item widget.
* GtkLabel                    The label widget.
* GtkList                     The list widget.
* GtkListItem                 The list item widget.
* GtkMenu                     The menu widget.
* GtkMenuBar                  The menu bar widget.
* GtkMenuItem                 The menu item widget.
* GtkMenuShell                The menu shell widget.
* GtkMisc                     The misc widget.
* GtkNotebook                 The notebook widget.
* GtkOptionMenu               The option menu widget.
* GtkPaned                    The paned widget.
* GtkPixmap                   The pixmap widget.
* GtkPreview                  The preview widget.
* GtkProgressBar              The progress bar widget.
* GtkRadioButton              The radio button widget.
* GtkRadioMenuItem            The radio menu item widget.
* GtkRange                    The range widget.
* GtkRuler                    The ruler widget.
* GtkScale                    The scale widget.
* GtkScrollbar                The scrollbar widget.
* GtkScrolledWindow           The scrolled window widget.
* GtkSeparator                The separator widget.
* GtkStatusbar                The statusbar widget.
* GtkTable                    The table widget.
* GtkText                     The text widget.
* GtkToggleButton             The toggle button widget.
* GtkToolbar                  The tool bar widget.
* GtkTooltips                 The tool tips widget.
* GtkTree                     The tree widget.
* GtkTreeItem                 The tree item widget.
* GtkVBox                     The vertical box widget.
* GtkVButtonBox               The vertical button box widget.
* GtkViewport                 The viewport widget.
* GtkVPaned                   The vertical paned widget.
* GtkVRuler                   The vertical ruler widget.
* GtkVScale                   The vertical scale widget.
* GtkVScrollbar               The vertical scrollbar widget.
* GtkVSeparator               The vertical separator widget.
* GtkWidget                   The base widget type.
* GtkWindow                   The window widget.
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