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 The base widget
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::show (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::hide (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::map (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::unmap (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::realize (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::unrealize (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::draw (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkRectangle *AREA)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::draw_focus (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::draw_default (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::size_request (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GtkRequisition *REQUISITION)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::size_allocate (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GtkAllocation *ALLOCATION)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::state_changed (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::install_accelerator (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           gchar *SIGNAL_NAME, gchar KEY, guint8 MODIFIERS)
  - Signal: void GtkWidget::remove_accelerator (GtkWidget *WIDGET, gchar
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::event (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkEvent *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::button_press_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventButton *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::button_release_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventButton *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::motion_notify_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventMotion *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::delete_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkEventAny
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::destroy_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventAny *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::expose_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventExpose *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::key_press_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventKey *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::key_release_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventKey *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::enter_notify_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventCrossing *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::leave_notify_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventCrossing *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::configure_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventConfigure *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::focus_in_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventFocus *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::focus_out_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventFocus *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::map_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkEventAny
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::unmap_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkEventAny
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::property_notify_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventProperty *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::selection_clear_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventSelection *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::selection_request_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventSelection *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::selection_notify_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventSelection *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::drop_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkEventDrop
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::drag_begin_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventDragBegin *EVENT)
  - Signal: gint GtkWidget::other_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GdkEventOther *EVENT)
  - Function: guint gtk_widget_get_type (void)
      Returns the `GtkWidget' type identifier.
  - Function: void gtk_widget_class_init (GtkWidgetClass *CLASS)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_init (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_destroy (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_show (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_hide (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_map (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_unmap (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_realize (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_unrealize (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_draw (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkRectangle
  - Function: void gtk_widget_draw_focus (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_draw_children (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_size_request (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GtkRequisition *REQUISITION)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_size_allocate (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GtkAllocation *ALLOCATION)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_install_accelerator (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GtkAcceleratorTable *TABLE, gchar *SIGNAL_NAME, gchar KEY,
           guint8 MODIFIERS)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_remove_accelerator (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           GtkAcceleratorTable *TABLE, gchar *SIGNAL_NAME)
  - Function: gint gtk_widget_event (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkEvent *EVENT)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_reparent (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GtkWidget
  - Function: void gtk_widget_popup (GtkWidget *WIDGET, gint X, gint Y)
  - Function: gint gtk_widget_intersect (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GdkRectangle
           *AREA, GdkRectangle *INTERSECTION)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_grab_focus (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_grab_default (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_restore_state (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_set_name (GtkWidget *WIDGET, gchar *NAME)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_set_state (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GtkStateType
  - Function: void gtk_widget_set_sensitive (GtkWidget *WIDGET, gint
  - Function: void gtk_widget_set_parent (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GtkWidget
  - Function: void gtk_widget_set_style (GtkWidget *WIDGET, GtkStyle
  - Function: void gtk_widget_set_uposition (GtkWidget *WIDGET, gint X,
           gint Y)
  - Function: void gtk_widget_set_usize (GtkWidget *WIDGET, gint WIDTH,
           gint HEIGHT)
  - Function: GtkWidget* gtk_widget_get_toplevel (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: GtkWidget* gtk_widget_get_ancestor (GtkWidget *WIDGET,
           gint TYPE)
  - Function: GdkColormap* gtk_widget_get_colormap (GtkWidget *WIDGET)
  - Function: GdkVisual* gtk_widget_get_visual (GtkWidget *VISUAL)
  - Function: GtkStyle* gtk_widget_get_style (GtkWidget *STYLE)
  - Function: GtkWidget* GTK_WIDGET (gpointer OBJ)
      Cast a generic pointer to `GtkWidget*'.  Standard Macros,
      for more info.
  - Function: GtkWidgetClass* GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gpointer CLASS)
      Cast a generic pointer to `GtkWidgetClass*'.  Standard
      Macros, for more info.
  - Function: gint GTK_IS_WIDGET (gpointer OBJ)
      Determine if a generic pointer refers to a `GtkWidget' object.
       Standard Macros, for more info.
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