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 3.4 The Variable `MAKEFILES'
 If the environment variable `MAKEFILES' is defined, `make' considers
 its value as a list of names (separated by whitespace) of additional
 makefiles to be read before the others.  This works much like the
 `include' directive: various directories are searched for those files
 ( Including Other Makefiles Include.).  In addition, the default
 goal is never taken from one of these makefiles and it is not an error
 if the files listed in `MAKEFILES' are not found.
    The main use of `MAKEFILES' is in communication between recursive
 invocations of `make' ( Recursive Use of `make' Recursion.).  It
 usually is not desirable to set the environment variable before a
 top-level invocation of `make', because it is usually better not to
 mess with a makefile from outside.  However, if you are running `make'
 without a specific makefile, a makefile in `MAKEFILES' can do useful
 things to help the built-in implicit rules work better, such as
 defining search paths ( Directory Search).
    Some users are tempted to set `MAKEFILES' in the environment
 automatically on login, and program makefiles to expect this to be done.
 This is a very bad idea, because such makefiles will fail to work if
 run by anyone else.  It is much better to write explicit `include'
 directives in the makefiles.   Including Other Makefiles Include.
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