Changing cursor appearance

Specifying scoterm cursors for the entire system

To make a pointer cursor font change, perform the following steps. You must be logged into the system as root to perform this task.

  1. Open the ScoTerm resource file in the /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults directory for editing.

  2. Make the desired font resource specification(s): When you are finished, save your changes and exit the resource file.

  3. If users are running the scoterm client at the time you make these changes, they must restart the client to see the new cursor.

Step 1: Editing the system resource file

The default resource file for scoterm is named ScoTerm and is located in the /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults directory. The resources in this file are read whenever the scoterm client is run.

NOTE: If you intend to modify the ScoTerm file, it is recommended that you either make a backup copy of the file before you enter your resource changes, or comment out old resource values before entering new ones. This way, you are assured of regaining the default values, if needed.

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Step 2: Setting the cursor font resource

As with all resources, cursor font resource specifications must use the correct format:

ScoTerm*pointerShape: cursorname

When you specify the scoterm client, you can enter either the binary name, scoterm, or the class name, ScoTerm. pointerShape is the resource variable you are setting. It is part of the resource class, Cursor. cursorname is the actual name of the cursor you are selecting. Use the cursor names listed in ``Standard cursor font names''.

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Step 3: Activating the new cursor

Once you have made the desired cursor changes to the scoterm resource file, the new specifications are immediately available to all users. However, if users were running a scoterm window while you made your changes, they need to restart the client before they see the new cursors.

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