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Determining SSO file attributes

Every file in an SSO has two attributes:

shared or non-shared
A shared file is one that clients read, but do not modify; shared files remain read-only in the /opt hierarchy. A non-shared file is one that clients can modify; non-shared files are copied to the /var/opt hierarchy.

public or private
A public file is visible and accessible outside of the SSO; public files are linked to public directories (such as /usr/bin) so that components and users can access them. A private file is not accessible to other components and users. For example, back-end binaries, data files, and internal configuration files can be private files.

In practice, an SSO generally consists of approximately 90% shared (read-only) data and 10% non-shared (read-write) data. As the developer, you must determine which files are shared and which files are non-shared.

To specify the shared and non-shared files when you create the distribution tree, put the shared files in the SHARED directory, and the non-shared files in CLIENT. Another way to accomplish this is to define the shared and non-shared files in the CDMT input files. Set the distTreeRootSHARED attribute to the directory containing the shared files and distTreeRootCLIENT to the directory containing the non-shared files. Set these attributes in the COMP record in *.cmpnt, or PKG record in *.pkg. See cdmtInput(CDMT) for details.

For example, if you want custom(ADM) to place a non-shared file in the /var/opt/K/SCO/WServer/1.0.0/lib directory, either put the distribution file in the distTreeRoot/CLIENT/lib directory or set the COMP record distTreeRootCLIENT attribute to the directory containing the non-shared files.

When you first convert to the SSO standard, mark all files in the SSO as public; later, you can specify private files using the SSO Path Mapping API.

To mark files as public, set the FILE record exportPath attribute in the *.pkg file. See cdmtInput(CDMT).

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